Advantages and disadvantages of nylon braided usb data cables

Nowadays, there are many styles of mobile phone usb data cables on the market, such as nylon braided usb data cables, PVC usb data cables, TPE usb data cables, and TPU usb data cables. Today, we mainly analyze the nylon braided usb data cables, so what are the advantages of nylon braided usb data cables:

1. beautiful appearance: nylon braided data cable can change color, texture, add other colors on the body, while other styles of usb data cables are single color, can not add other colors on the body;
2. feel good: because the nylon material itself is very soft, feel very comfortable. Moreover, the nylon filament is very thin, so it is necessary to wrap a lot of nylon filaments together, and then according to the required process, it is determined how many sets of nylon filaments wrap the entire data cable. Due to the particularity of the process, the nylon braided data cable Feel very comfortable to touch, look very stereoscopic;
3. increase the tension of the data cable: Just mentioned that the top of the line is composed of a lot of tiny nylon wire, so the nylon data cable can withstand the good pull;
4. not easy to damage: the original data cable used by many of the wire tails are easy to damage the copper wire inside the leakage wire, and the nylon braided data cable just solved this problem;

So is there any disadvantage to the nylon braided usb data cable?
1. the body is easy to fluff, the solution is very simple, just need to quickly bake on the flame to solve it;
2. easy to dirty, in fact, all the data cables of this problem will appear like this, the solution is to wipe with alcohol.

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