Anker PowerCore Fusion now available at the Apple Store, a USB-C wall charger that doubles as a portable battery

Apple is now selling a very interesting Anker accessory, called the Anker PowerCore Fusion with Power Delivery. In a package about the same size as Apple’s laptop chargers, this unit doubles as both a USB-C wall charger and a 5000 mAh portable battery, for charging on-the-go.

This is the next-generation model of the previous PowerCore Fusion, which featured slower power throughput and micro-USB / USB-A ports.

The new PowerCore boasts a USB-C port and a USB-A port. The USB-C port supports power delivery and can transmit up to 30W power to a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone. The USB-A port can transmit 12W power which still outclasses Apple’s bundled-in-box 5W iPhone charger.

If plugged into the wall, the PowerCore quietly tops up its own internal battery. If you get in a pinch whilst travelling, you can start sipping from the battery hidden inside the charger. The 5000 mAh capacity can fully recharge modern iPhones, with plenty left to spare.

Anker is using gallium nitride technology to provide both a wall charger and a portable battery in such a compact design. Anker has offered a standard 30W GaN charger for a while, and now it using the space savings to incorporate a high-capacity battery into a charger that is basically the same size as Apple’s classic USB-C chargers.

As well as being a cool product in itself, this is the first time Apple has (indirectly) endorsed the gallium nitride technology. GaN allows manufacturers to make chargers that are very small whilst providing high-wattage throughput. It is yet to be seen if Apple will ever upgrade its 5W charger to something more powerful, using GaN to retain the small form factor.

The PowerCore Fusion is available to order now at the Apple Store online, and costs $99, available in white or black. In comparison, Apple’s 30 watt charger costs $49 — and lacks the portable battery feature altogether.

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