Apple authorized third-party USB-C lightning cable will be listed next year

A recent report indicates that starting early next year, users will be able to purchase Apple MFi-certified USB-C-to-lightning cables from third-party accessory manufacturers. It is understood that Apple has opened the license to manufacture USB-C to lightning cables to parts manufacturers participating in the company’s MFi program last week.

Production of USB-C to Lightning Cable requires a new Lightning connector numbered C94. According to documents shared by the ChargerLab website, Apple will sell new Lightning connectors to eligible hardware manufacturers for $ 2.88 and is expected to ship within six weeks. This means that third-party accessory manufacturers, such as Anker, Aukey, Belkin, and Incipio, can get the necessary parts to make Apple’s MFi-certified USB-C-to-lightning cable by mid-January next year. The earliest time to market may be in February or March.

Currently, according to the information displayed by Apple’s online store, the USB-C to lightning cable has two options: 1 meter and 2 meters. The benefit of purchasing a third-party USB-C to lightning cable is that users can purchase data cables that meet Apple’s MFi performance standards at a lower price, and many third-party options will use a more durable design.

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