Apple glass supplier Corning is developing foldable glass

Apple glass supplier Corning is developing foldable glass and hopes that its foldable glass business will succeed in the next few years when the foldable phone becomes mainstream.

The current foldable mobile phone uses a plastic polymer because the glass is not technically ready for a foldable screen, and this means that the current screen of the folded mobile phone is scratch-resistant and resistant to falling. .

So when can the foldable glass keep up? According to the latest news, Corning is developing refoldable glass, and the company is expected to produce this glass in large quantities as the foldable mobile phone becomes mainstream in the next few years. John Bayne, General Manager of Corning, confirmed that the company is developing protective glass for folding screens: “We have already sent glass samples to customers for testing. They are usable, but they don’t fully meet all the requirements. On the one hand, such glass must have better. The anti-drop performance, on the one hand, also needs to meet the smaller folding radius. Our key problem is to meet both requirements.”

Currently, more than 6 billion devices worldwide use Corning Glass, and more than 45 mainstream device manufacturers are working with them, including Apple. From the first generation of iPhone, Apple used Corning Glass on its mobile phone screen. In 2014, Apple did try to get rid of Corning Glass and cooperated with GT Technologies to develop sapphire glass, which ended in GT technology bankruptcy. Since then, Apple has continued to invest in Corning Glass and has formed a stable partnership. As an intimate partner and investor of Apple, Corning’s move also led some analysts to speculate that Apple also has a need for such foldable glass.

According to the information given by Corning, their goal is to create ultra-thin glass with a thickness of 0.1mm and a bending radius of 3~5mm, so that the foldable mobile phone can still be controlled to 6~10mm thick when it is not open. Some experts pointed out that foldable glass is much more difficult to implement than plastic. Corning’s plan is to be treated conservatively.

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