Apple’s most expensive iPhone XS is only equipped with the antiquated 5W charger

The iPhone X released by Apple last year is hailed as the most expensive iPhone in history. However, this year’s new iPhone Xs Max, once again refreshed the most expensive iPhone record, surprisingly, this most expensive iPhone is still equipped with the antiquated 5W charger.

From Apple’s official promotion, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models support fast charging, and can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes, only the corresponding Apple USB-C power adapter (30W model A1882, 87W model) A1719) can be quickly charged.

However, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models still have a lightning-to-USB cable and a 5W USB power adapter in the default package, making it impossible to charge quickly. This antiquated 5W charger has been proven to be very slow and painful when charging iPhone X. I believe that the speed of normal charging on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max is no exception.

As early as July this year, it was revealed that Apple has already trial-produced the 18W USB PD charger (A1720), which supports 9V 2A total output power of 18W, and the charger uses USB-C interface, through the USB-C to Lightning patch cord will quickly charge the iPhone. Therefore, it is speculated that this year’s three iPhones will come standard with 18W USB PD charger (A1720) and USB-C to Lightning cable, which will support fast charging technology.

The result is now seen by everyone, and it is counterproductive! If you want to achieve fast charge, you need to pay for the fast charge device at an additional cost, and the cost is not low. It’s hard to imagine that Apple, which is a very expensive manufacturer for every generation of mobile phones in the world, is reluctant to equip the iPhone with a fast charging adapter.

More importantly, before this month, Apple officially not only did not open the MFi certification of USB-C to Lightning cable, but also blocked the third-party fast charging program, so that the cost of iPhone fast charging could not be delayed. To be honest, in 2018, Fast Charge has been recognized as one of the essential functions for mobile phone charging. The currently expensive Samsung mobile phone Galaxy Note 9 will also be fast-charged as a standard, although not the fastest fast charge, only It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the charging from 0% to 100%.

Having said that, even if Apple does not come standard with fast charging cables and chargers, this will not have a significant impact on the sales of the iPhone in 2018. At least last year, iPhone X will not be affected, but whether standard fast charging will become controversial. The topic is only, and this time Apple has also removed the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack converter in the package. In your opinion, the most expensive iPhone, even a fast charge charger is not provided by default, is it a bit unreasonable?

It is said that from the beginning of this month, Apple has opened the USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable authorized by MFi. Considering that the commercial ecology of MFi certification is large enough, it is believed that the fast charging scheme authorized by third-party accessory manufacturers next year should be cheaper.

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