Car charger in the use of several major Misunderstanding

In the background of the modern, the car is already a popular means of transport. Becau the car market becomes bigger and bigger, Car accessories also are slowly mature. So car charger is necessary to a car owner, but for most of them, they don’t understand well how to use car charger. Finally, Focuses Summed up the following few most frequent errors.

Error one: Car charger output current can not be more than the maximum current of the phone

Do not worry about this point. At Present, Like Focuses Brand, there are some intelligent chip solution about car charger product, which automatically identify the access device required charging current, and output the best power. For example, when an output of 5v / 2.4A car charger is to charge a maximum rated input power of 5V / 1A mobile phone ,At result the current of charging to mobile phone is 1A,and the current of charging to tablet is 2A,what’s more, it could be full of power in a short time; but if an output of 5v / 0.8A car charger is to charge the same phone, Finally the current of charging to mobile phone is 0.8A,It is not only slow, but it will be harmful to the phone’s battery after it is charging . So it is necessary for the Extended life of your love machine to choose a sufficient output of high-quality and high-current car charger.

Error two: There is a USB port on the car, No need Car charger.

There are many cars coming with USB interface, and they may be more than one mouth, and most people think that the car’s USB interface is no problem to charge the phone or any other device. In fact, this idea is wrong, because most of the car’s USB interface is set for data transmission, so part of the vehicle interface current is far from 5V / 1A. If you use the car’s USB interface to charge the phone or even the tablet computer, if the current is not up standard ,it will make the equipment damaged. In addition when Android or Tablet PC is charging and it will also be charged for equipment identification, each car design is not the same.

Error three: The more car charger USB interface, the slower the charging speed

Manufacturers design a number of USB port for the car charger, which has been set as the best output program and it is mainly convenient for the owners to charge a variety of electronic products at the same time. For example Focuses’s three car charger, its maximum output current is up to 5.8A, and it is to ensure that each interface can work in the best condition.

Error four : After the car is turned off ,and the car charger must be unplugged, or it will make the battery loss of power

In general, the car charger is no current output in the case of no load, so it do not pull out, and only a small LED lights are at work, and the loss of battery power can be ignored.

Error five : Car charger must be Re-plug after being turned off the power, or it will be burned.

For many car chargers, this is indeed a probabilistic problem, which test the impact of car charger, and not all of the Car charger must be Re-plug after being turned off the power.

Error Six : Do not pay attention to the maximum power of car charger expansion

A lot of small tools on the car to use the cigarette lighter to take electricity, so many people will buy a drag two or even drag three cigarette lighter expansion mouth car charger, but we often see someone say that it is easy to use about the same product, Some people say that the fuse is burned, which may be beyond the expansion of the maximum power of the mouth. In particular, For car refrigerator, and car vacuum cleaner we must first see clearly about this power machine ‘how much power? , to see whether their car could use the expansion of the mouth.’ there will be usually marked in the box or the instructions.

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