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Apple's new USB-C to Lightning Data Charging Cable

February 25, 2021

Latest company case about Apple's new USB-C to Lightning Data Charging Cable

Focuses sells MFI data cable products strictly certified by Apple.


2018 Apple’s new iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus three mobile phones already support USB PD fast charging, but although the mobile phone supports USB PD fast charging, the standard configuration is still a 5W charger and USB-A to Lighting data cable to enjoy USB PD fast charging, users need to purchase a USB PD charger and a USB-C to Lightning data cable, but the 2020 iPhone 12 is equipped with a Type-C to lightning data cable.




Let's take a look at the changes in wire materials and workmanship.


1. Appearance of the new USB-C to Lighting fast charging cable




2. Open the box and wrap it in circles



3.  The new model is about 19g



4.  The internal pins of the USB-C interface



5.  In terms of charging, the new iPhone 8 Plus can charge up to 19W, and 18W lasts for a while



6.  Charge the new iPad Pro 9 inches, power 21W, support USB PD fast charge




  To sum up, Apple’s new USB-C to Lightning cable has the following changes compared to the old one. The weight of the cable is reduced, the diameter of the cable is reduced, the pins of the USB-C interface are reduced, the pins of the Lightning end are turned silver, and the Lightning end chip is also available. replace. However, as far as the charging performance is concerned, there is not much change. Apple launched the lower-priced USB-C to Lightning cable for two reasons. On the one hand, the old USB-C to Lightning cable is expensive, and at the same time It also increases the cost for consumers to use USB PD fast charging, and the voice of users is very high. On the other hand, Apple’s next-generation iPhone will come standard with a USB PD charger and a USB-C to lightning cable, and will open the authorization of the USB-C to Lightning cable in 2019. This version update can also be regarded as Apple's test of water before fully promoting USB PD fast charging


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