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iPhone 12 New MagSafe magnetic wireless charging technology

February 25, 2021

Latest company case about iPhone 12 New MagSafe magnetic wireless charging technology


  On October 14, 2020, Beijing time, Apple held a global online press conference and released the long-awaited iPhone12 series of mobile phones. The models include iPhone12, iPhone12 mini, iPhone12 Pro, and iPhone12 Pro Max. For the first time in the history of the iPhone, the entire series supports 5G. , Supports 20W PD wired fast charging, and brings brand-new MagSafe magnetic wireless charging technology, marking the beginning of a new era of iPhone.



  The iPhone 12 series includes two models, iPhone12 and iPhone12 mini. The colors are black, white, red, green, and the newly launched navy blue. From the configuration point of view, they are equipped with a powerful 5nm A14 bionic processor. It adopts a more robust super-ceramic panel and redesigned the vertical aluminum metal frame.


  Compared with the sleek and big bezels of previous generations of iPhones, the iPhone 12 uses a new vertical bezel design, with a narrower bezel that can fit a larger screen under the same size. iPhone12 uses a 6.1-inch OLED full screen with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 and a weight of only 162g. The iPhone12 mini uses a 5.4-inch OLED full screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and a weight of astonishing 133g. Compared with many Android phones that are trying to reduce weight, the iPhone12 mini is a veritable small-screen and lightweight flagship.



  The iPhone 12Pro model continues the big cup and super big cup strategy. It is divided into iPhone12 Pro and iPhone12 Pro Max. They are also equipped with 5nm A14 bionic processor, super porcelain crystal panel, matte glass back plate, and the frame adopts a higher hardness. Stainless steel material.


  Also thanks to the vertical narrow frame design, the iPhone12 Pro and iPhone11 Pro have a 6.1-inch OLED full screen with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels when the size is close. The iPhone12 Pro Max is equipped with a 2778 x 1284 pixel 6.7-inch OLED full screen. . The rear camera uses a powerful three-camera imaging system, a larger F1.6 main camera, 2x (Pro) / 2.5x (Pro Max) light variable telephoto, and CMOS sensor anti-shake technology on professional cameras to make the handheld long The exposure can reach a staggering 2 seconds, and with a lidar scanner, making it the most powerful iPhone in history.



  In addition to powerful performance, the entire series of iPhone 12, iPhone12mini, iPhone12 Pro, and iPhone12 Pro Max all support the new MagSafe magnetic charging technology, bringing a convenient and fast charging experience that is different from the past.



1. First equipped with MagSafe magnetic charging technology



  Since the iPhone 8 in 2017, Apple has added the wireless charging function to all iPhone models, which is similar to other mobile phone wireless charging methods. It starts charging when placed on the wireless charger. Apple is optimistic about the wireless charging function, but frankly said that wireless charging relies on the alignment of the transmitter coil and the receiver coil. Traditional wireless chargers cannot achieve the best results when placed at hand. If they are placed incorrectly, the efficiency of wireless charging will be reduced and the power will not increase. , Slow charging, serious heating, etc., hinder the development of wireless charging and bring poor experience.


  Starting from the root cause, Apple introduced the new MagSafe magnetic charging technology to solve the bad experience of traditional wireless charging. The iPhone 12 mobile phone, peripheral accessories, and charger are all equipped with MagSafe magnetic components to achieve the effect of automatic positioning and alignment. Both iPhone12 mini and iPhone12 Pro are equipped with the new MagSafe magnetic charging technology.


2. How does MagSafe magnetic charging work?



  From the perspective view of iPhone12, you can see that MagSafe magnetic charging system component structure, unique winding coil to withstand greater receiving power, capturing magnetic flux through the nanocrystalline panel, and adopting an improved shielding layer to more safely receive wireless fast Recharge. A dense array of magnets is integrated on the periphery of the wireless receiving coil to realize automatic alignment and adsorption with other magnetic accessories, thereby improving wireless receiving efficiency. Equipped with a high-sensitivity magnetometer, it responds immediately to changes in the induced magnetic field strength, allowing iPhone12 to quickly identify magnetic accessories and prepare for wireless charging.


3. What is the MagSafe magnetic charging power?


  Since the iPhone 8 is equipped with 7.5W wireless charging, the wireless charging power of all previous iPhones has stopped at 7.5W. MagSafe magnetic charging technology doubles the wireless charging performance, with a maximum power of 15W.



  In addition to MagSafe magnetic charging, the entire iPhone12 series still supports Qi wireless charging with a wide range of versatility, with a power of up to 7.5W. Users who need a faster charging speed can use the original MagSafe magnetic charger, and the Qi wireless charger that is widely circulated on the market can continue to be used.


4. MagSafe magnetic charging advantages


  Compared with wired charging, the wireless charging system is easier to use, but the process of transmitting energy through the air is very dependent on the precise alignment of the transmitting coil and the receiving coil. Apple has applied magnetic attraction technology to wireless charging to completely solve the problem of wireless charging. It is difficult to align with the age-old problem. There is no possibility of distortion to optimize the wireless charging efficiency, and it is feasible to increase the wireless charging power. The wireless charging power of this generation of iPhone12 will be doubled from 7.5W to 15W, which greatly improves the speed of wireless charging and reduces users. waiting time.



The convenient adsorption of MagSafe magnetic charging can develop more playability. For accessories, MagSafe magnetic charging also supports the Qi wireless charging standard, which means that third-party manufacturers can develop their own 7.5W Qi standard magnetic wireless charger and For other accessories, I believe that Apple will also adopt a standard similar to MFi to open MagSafe magnetic charging authorization to manufacturers that meet the specifications, and the third-party magnetic accessories market will usher in an explosion.


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