Do you know if the car charger is used improperly, it will hurt the car battery and phone battery?

With the popularity of the car, the time spent by the drivers in the car is getting longer and longer. If you look closely, more than 90% of the owners have almost all car chargers, so that when the phone or ipad is out of power, it will be charged in time. In addition, on-board electrical appliances such as driving recorders, air purifiers, massage cushions, etc. also need to be powered on. But do you know, the quality of the car charger will also be uneven. If you choose a poor quality car charger or use it improperly, it will cause damage to the car related parts such as the battery, and at the same time, it will also damage the battery of the charging appliance.

Let’s talk about the precautions for use:
1. Do not insert the car charger before the car starts, so as to avoid the car’s strong current for a moment and impact the car charger.
2. If it is left for a long time, if you are worried about dust, you can unplug the car charger and wipe it with a clean soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean the charger to avoid serious damage to its function.
3, when the car charger is not used, try to put it in the drawer of the car, avoid dust, and do not put it on the instrument panel, especially in summer, the sun is hot, the car charger is easily damaged.
4, do not put the car charger in a humid environment for a long time, but also can not let it into the water, it will cause irreversible corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components.
5, when buying a car charger, do not covet cheap, choose a regular manufacturer’s products, try to choose a car charger with multiple overload protection. For example, some car chargers have real-time monitoring voltage function, which can avoid problems such as abnormal voltage causing the car to stall or break down; overcharge protection can prevent the battery from overcharging; overvoltage protection can prevent the battery from being overcharged when charging and discharging; Protection, automatic protection of current at high temperatures, etc. It can protect the car parts as well as protect the components of the car charger from damage, and also protect the battery such as the mobile phone from being harmed.
6. When purchasing a car charger, it is also necessary to combine the specific conditions of the car, the usual use characteristics, and select a charger for a few times, which can be used at the same time.

So as long as the car charger is used correctly, it will not cause damage to the car battery and mobile phone battery.

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