Do you know the harm of poor quality car charger?

The use of car chargers is very common in life, as long as a car owner will definitely have one or two car chargers. With the increasing demand for the car charger market, the quality of the products is also uneven. Many people not only do not understand the quality of the car charger, but also do not know how to distinguish the inferior car charger. So what are the hazards of using inferior car chargers?

  1. Inferior car charger is easy to self-ignite: The car charger of the cottage version is easy to spontaneously ignite, so what is the cottage version? It is imitation, but the appearance is similar, but the inside is completely different products. Such products are not inferior, but are more likely to cause short-circuit phenomena. In severe cases, they may even cause spontaneous combustion of mobile phones or cars, causing irreparable consequences.
  2. Inferior car charger damage mobile phone: The charger with excessive current will also hurt the mobile phone. The principle of the car charger is to convert the voltage into 5V output to charge the digital product. As long as the voltage and current are not exceeded, the damage is basically equal to zero. When using car charging, it is best to charge the phone after the car is turned on. Because the vehicle starts up instantaneously, it will generate excessive current, which may cause impact on the mobile phone.
  3. Inferior car charger damages the battery: The car charger uses the cigarette lighter of the car cigarette lighter as the power socket, and this socket has a fuse. When the current overload reaches the acceptable range, the fuse will melt immediately. It has a protective effect, so it will not have much impact on the car battery. Of course, the premise is that the car charger is not inferior. It is best to charge the car after the engine is started. Otherwise, when the car is ignited, the voltage drop of the car battery will affect the charging effect and even damage the car charger.

These three points are the danger of using inferior car chargers, hoping to help the majority of car owners. In addition, some owners may not remember to charge the car after the car is turned off. Although the car charger has no current output at the moment, the lost power is not enough to cause people to worry, but it will still have a certain impact if it goes on for a long time, so After charging, it is best to develop the habit of unplugging the car in time.

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