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In today’s society, everyone has a few different or different brands of electronic equipments, so here comes the problem. Do you always mix up your cables or you find there is always neither Apple data cable nor Android data cable when you are traveling. You are not alone. Now there is a new product coming out which perfectly solves this problem!! It’s called two-in-one USB data cable.

As shown in the picture, it only has one connector, but each side of this connector is designed for different devices, one is for iOS system, and the other is for android devices. So with it, you won’t worry about this charging issue anymore.

Besides, you are doing the thing of killing two birds with one stone as you have one cable compatible with iOS and Android devices only at half of the cost and for that money you could potentially get more cables.

You will find that after a period of time, these cables, such as USB cables, headphones, will have poorer contact. The main reason is that we often excessively bend or curve these cables while using it. To solve this issue, we change to use another material, Nylon fiber, rather than the PVC anymore. The nylon fiber cloth jacket encases the USB cable sturdily, thus it has an excellent anti-twisting or Abrasion-proof property.

Of course, no matter what good material the cable case uses, if you are not careful enough to use your data cable in your daily life, sooner or later it will be very easy to cause the poor contact. So we suggest that you avoid to frequently band or curve these cables.

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