Four notes on daily mobile phone charging

There are four daily considerations for charging your mobile phone. Many people may not know what problems the mobile phone needs to pay attention to in daily life charging:

1, try to avoid playing while charging
Charging will aggravate the heat of the mobile phone. During the charging process, playing games, watching videos or talking, the temperature of the mobile phone will rise sharply, shortening the battery life and even causing security risks. Once the phone temperature is found to be abnormal, stop the phone operation and charge immediately.

2, try to charge directly
Avoid using charging treasures Due to the increasing number of scenes used by mobile phones, we always bring a charging treasure to prevent accidents, but charging treasures are convenient, but there are no functions such as temperature measurement and overcurrent protection. Long-term use of charging treasure charging will reduce battery performance and life.

3, the temperature is suitable when charging
In a low temperature environment, the protection mechanism of the mobile phone battery will delay the charging speed. In a high temperature environment, the lithium battery will become unstable. In severe cases, the device may be burned, and it is better to charge the mobile phone in a well ventilated and heat-dissipating environment.

4, daily handling of the dust at the charging port
Many small partners have encountered the situation that the charger is plugged in but the mobile phone does not respond. Sometimes it may be a problem with the charger, but sometimes it may be a problem with the charging port. Dust accumulation at the charging port is easily overlooked, and the charging port may cause the phone to become slower or unable to charge. In daily use, you can put a dust plug or regularly clean the charging port.

In addition to the four daily notes on mobile phone charging, there are many small partners who wear mobile phone cases to protect their mobile phones. However, mobile phone batteries are very hot, and some mobile phone cases have poor heat dissipation, which may affect battery cooling and battery life. A thin mobile phone case or remove the phone case when charging.

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