How to choose the best quality iPhone iOS data cable

Everyone should have had the experience of losing or damaging the iPhone ios data cable. In this case, most people will choose to purchase a third-party data cable, because the data cable of Apple’s official website is not cheap. However, the data cable on the market are mixed, and you may buy the fake and shoddy products accidentally: data cannot be synchronized or lost data, slow charging, connector disconnection, connector temperature is too high, etc., serious conditions may also cause the iPhone exploded.

Therefore, it is especially important to choose a best quality iPhone ios data cable. So how to choose?

1. Data cable with Apple MFi certification:
We know that third-party data cable certified by Apple are marked with the MFi certification. These data cables are generally not problematic. But in the era of counterfeiting, the MFi certification mark can also be easily fraudulent. Therefore, we need to test the authenticity of Apple MFi certification. There are two ways to test it: first, we can query the MFi certification brand page through Apple’s official website , third-party manufacturers authorized infomation can be queried, If you don’t find it, you should pay attention. Another way is to test whether you pass the MFI certification through professional equipment.

Can not query? Also no professional equipment testing? It doesn’t matter, let’s continue;

2. Material of the data cable:
In general, the original data cable is thicker due to the internal copper wire, and has a multi-layer metal shield protection layer, which makes the data cable thicker, and the inferior data cable is obviously thin.

3. The smell of the data cable material:
The authentic data cable has no strong pungent smell, while the inferior products are different. Because of the cheaper materials, the products often have a strong pungent plastic taste. The original data cable, which is made of TEP material, does not have any smell. If you get a data cable with a strong plastic taste, don’t consider it.

4. Resilience of the data cable:
A tough data cable can undoubtedly be used for a longer period of time. There are many ways to test the toughness of the data cable. It can be bent continuously, pulled, and knotted. The tough data cable will return to its original appearance, and the toughness will be poor.

Now you have learned how to choose a genuine Apple data cable?

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