How to classify the data cables

With the developing of the electronic technology, the data cable also become a necessity for every one.

How much do you know about the data cable line? Shenzhen Focuses Electronics Co., Ltd hereby to talking something on this for you all.

According to the function there have internet line, brush line , synchronization line, charging data lines and multi-function line. What’s the exactly function for each of them? Let’s learn about them one by one as following:

1. The Internet: only for GPRS or CDMA 1X Internet. Typical models: V730 series; V688 series; PHS series.

2. Brush machine cable line: can only be used to upgrade the machine. Typical model: Ben Q S700; upgrade unlock line pass.

3. The synchronization cable line: used to transmit phone book, picture, SMS, multimedia information, of course, partly of the two-way transmission, partly only supports one-way transmission. Such kind of data lines are more common.

4. Charging data cable line: Based on general Internet or synchronous cable line plus a USB charging function, this kind of data cables more practical and convenient. Its also have the Internet and mass SMS essential function. This kind of data cable got two types too, for charging and charging switch, the former charging directly while plug on , the switch charging cable which has a small switch itself, you can control whether charging or not. Of course, with the highest level of charge switch, the price is more expensive.

5, multi-function cable line: can support the Internet, synchronization, brush, charging … at the same time.

Friendly reminder: it’s better for us to buy the data line with more function, it’s expensive of course, but it’s worth that!

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