How to solve the problem of fever of mobile phone charger

The problem of fever of mobile phone charger, I believe everyone has experienced it! Then what is the solution for this mobile phone charger fever? Will the mobile phone charger explode? What is the fever of the mobile phone charger?

  1. Can not use the cottage charger.
    There are many electronic components inside the charger. The principle is to convert the 220 volt AC into a DC power of about 5 volts through the rectifier bridge, and then charge the mobile phone through the data line. In this process, if the input 220 VAC breaks through the rectifier bridge and the switch, and the short-circuit protection and insulation of the charger itself fail, the charger may directly output 220 volts AC to the data line and the mobile phone. So that an accident occurred.
  2. Charge in a cool environment.
    If the mobile phone charger is overheated, it will be recharged in a cool environment in the summer, such as an air-conditioned house. This way the phone charger will not be too hot.
  3. Do not play the phone while charging the phone
    If the mobile phone is still playing with the mobile phone, it will inevitably cause the mobile phone charger to overheat, because the charger has to work for a longer period of time than normal, which is unfavorable to the charger and also reduces the life of the charger.

What is the mobile phone charger fever solution? Do you know now? Yes, as long as you do the above, the use of mobile phone chargers will be safer.

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