Is Apple usb data cable not durable? NO, maybe you can’t use

In life, some Apple users often face a problem, that is, changing the usb data cable, Apple’s usb data cable is very easy to break, and buy an original data cable and feel a bit expensive, buy high imitation data cable, the phone will Hint ‘This cable or accessory is not certified for data transfer’. So this is really a headache.

Many people buy an Apple mobile phone because the quality of the mobile phone is good and the system is smooth. But why can’t a small data cable Apple solve it? In fact, there is such a factor behind it, that is, the material of the data cable. Apple uses halogen-free TPE wire for environmental reasons. This material is environmentally friendly, but its quality is far less robust than the woven material used in Android data cables.

So how do you protect the Apple data cable? Learn the next few tricks and stop worrying about the data cable!
       1. While pulling the charging cable, The correct way is to grab the interface at the top of the data cable and pull it out.
       2. Wrap the data cable interface with electrical tape to make the data cable not easy to break.
       3. Place the data cable at room temperature. Do not leave the data cable in a place with high temperature or humidity for a long time. High temperatures accelerate the life of the data cable.
       4, do not put the data cable beside you while sleeping, because when you sleep, turn around, press the data cable pressed for one night, wake up the next morning, this data cable may not be used.
       5, do not confuse the data for a long time, save it when not in use.

In fact, when we use data cables in peacetime, the reason for the data cable damage is mostly because the data cables are treated too rudely. Apple uses halogen-free TPE materials to protect the environment, this design is environmentally friendly, but it silently leaves a problem for Apple users.

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