Latest folding iPhone concept offers detailed imagination of the ‘iPhone X Fold’

Amid the influx of foldable Android smartphones from the likes of Samsung and Huawei, several designers have attempted to imagine what a foldable iPhone might one day look like. Today, a new concept offers one of the most detailed looks yet at the ‘iPhone X Fold.”

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Created by graphic designer Antonio De Rosa, this concept imagines an iPhone X-like design that can fold out to become what is essentially two side-by-side iPhones. In this concept, the foldable comes from behind and to the left, but also allows you to fold it completely shut.

The display in this concept measures 6.6-inches when folded back and 8.3-inches when completely unfolded. In both formats, the display is “Super Retina” with 514 pixels-per-inch.

This imagination also depicts how iOS might adapt to a foldable iPhone. As you can see, the Home screen adds a handful of widgets along the right of the display when folded out. This would give quick access to things Music, Weather, Siri, and more.

Apple has several patents that relate to foldable smartphones. Last month, a patent application from Apple detailed how a manufacturer could prevent damage when the screen is repeatedly folded and unfolded. Meanwhile, a supply chain report has suggested that Samsung will supply Apple will foldable displays.

What do you think of this concept? What approach do you think Apple should take to foldable smartphones, if any?

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