Newest 3D Full Coverage Tempered Glass

People never stop the pursuit of good things, never stop the improvement of the product. They have kept improving it at the material, thickness, color, angle or other aspects since the birth of the tempered glass. Lately there is a new tempered glass is very hot in the market which is called 3D full coverage tempered glass. It can perfectly fit the all-side angle of phone, so you can not even feel that there is a tempered glass on the top of phone screen!

But actually there are different kinds of 3D tempered glass in the market and the texture and quality could be very different. In this industry, it uses three different kinds of manufacture process to make 3D tempered glass, hot bending, cold carving, carbon fiber, the quality would be different depends on above different manufacture process.

Cold carving: The whole screen protector is made of tempered glass, it needs more time to process the edge compared to hot bending and carbon fiber, so it can better process the curved edge and make tempered glass better fit the phones.

Hot bending: The whole screen protector is made of tempered glass, the effect of 3D curved edge isn’t good as cold carving.

Carbon fiber: Only visible area is made of tempered glass, the edge is made of carbon fiber, the carbon fiber is soft, so it could fit the phones good, but it doesn’t look as beautiful and up-scale as cold carving or hot bending tempered glass which of whole screen protector is made of tempered glass.

We think that the above information could help you distinguish different 3D tempered glass, hopefully you would pick the one that you like very much!!

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