FOCUSES Premium 3.28ft/1.0m High Speed Metal Diamond Two in One USB Data Cable for Android and iOs

Product Features

1. 3.28ft/1.0m of portable, durable, flexible cord, to suit a variety of everyday connection needs. Perfect connector design that allows it to be used with devices.

2. TPE material cable comes with a sturdy Zinc alloy Connector, a design that wouldn’t disintegrate even under extreme conditions like bad weather, rough handling, etc..

3. Sync and charge at the same time at the fastest speeds on your windows PC or Mac. Its durability, connectivity, compatibility, and performance is 100% Guaranteed.

4. The use of pure copper wire core enables operation at 2A current in our cable and thus allows you to charge your devices or transfer data at marginally higher speeds, reducing the charging time by up to 60%.

5. The innovative strain-relief collars ensure that even if you insert & pull it out 5000 times or bend it, the collar and the cable joint wouldn’t get slightest of fray.

6. Durablilty: A perfect connection with your device, no gaps or static electricity. Copper conductive pins are extra durable and never rust. Super-fast and stable sync and data transfer.

Product Description

Product Advantages

1.100% good quality

2.Wholesale price

3.Free replacements for defects or damaged products

4.Excellent before-sale, sale, after-sale service


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