Qualcomm sues again for iPhone infringement of patents

Apple and Qualcomm’s confrontation in court began again, and the latest lawsuit was launched in San Diego. Qualcomm accused the iPhone with Intel’s baseband chips of violating its three patents and demanding a $1.41 compensation for each iPhone sold.

According to Reuters, the US District Court will host an eight-day trial to determine whether Apple is infringing. Qualcomm alleged that Apple’s iPhone with Intel’s modem chip infringed patents, but Apple responded in court documents that Qualcomm’s patents were not trustworthy and Apple did not infringe them.

During the trial, Apple also claimed that a Qualcomm patent involved in this case was based on the creativity of its own engineers. Apple said the idea was proposed by former company engineer Arjuna Siva, who discussed the technology in an email communication with Qualcomm engineers. “This patent is really the most outrageous allegation in this case,” Apple chief lawyer Juanita Brooks said. “They stole our ideas and went to the patent office to apply for a patent.”

Previously, the lawsuits of both parties were closed in China and Germany, and the iPhone was subject to a limited ban, but Apple has found a workaround to avoid the lock-up order through software updates. Subsequently, Qualcomm recently called on the United States to ban the iPhone. It seems that even in 2019, the two giants are still wrestling around patent disputes.

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