Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with Gorilla Glass 6 loses to iPhone XS Max in drop test durability

YouTuber PhoneBuff is out today with a new video pitting the iPhone XS Max against Samsung’s new Galaxy S10+. Apple has made some lofty claims about the latest iPhone’s glass durability, but the new Galaxy flagship uses the latest and greatest Gorilla Glass. Here’s how the showdown turned out…

When Apple launched the iPhone XS and XS Max last year, it said that the phones featured “the most durable smartphone glass in the world.” However, it didn’t detail if it was using Gorilla Glass 5 or not. Samsung’s new Galaxy S10+ uses Gorilla Glass 6, which Corning says is “up to two times better than Gorilla Glass 5.”

In the latest comparison video from PhoneBuff, the two flagship smartphones were tested in four calculated drop tests. The first drop was on the back of the phones. Both the iPhone and Galaxy S10+ saw the rear glass break, but the S10+ saw greater damage with lots of spider-webbing.

Round two was a corner drop test, and both phones held up equally well with just some minor scuffs and scratches. Round three was a face drop and saw the displays of both phones crack. However, the Galaxy S10+ saw more damage than the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy’s fingerprint scanner was also damaged.

The final bonus round consists of up to 10 consecutive facedown drops. The Galaxy S10+ picked up its only win in this round with it surviving all 10 drops and with the touchscreen capabilities still in tact. Last time PhoneBuff did this test with the iPhone XS Max, it lasted 3 consecutive drops before the touchscreen lost its full functionality.

The scoring system PhoneBuff uses is out of 40 possible points. The iPhone XS Max just beat the Galaxy S10+ with a 36 to 34 final score. Check out the full drop test below.

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