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What is the processing of Apple 3D Full Covered Tempered Glass Screen

Simply, 3D is the meaning of three-dimensional, 3D tempered glass screen is a three-dimensional tempered glass. Let us briefly introduce the origin of 3D tempered glass screen. The iPhone 6 went on sale in September 2014, using a 2.5D screen. At the same time, in March 2015, Samsung released the s6 edge of the hyperbolic screen. The two kings of

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Newest 3D Full Coverage Tempered Glass

People never stop the pursuit of good things, never stop the improvement of the product. They have kept improving it at the material, thickness, color, angle or other aspects since the birth of the tempered glass. Lately there is a new tempered glass is very hot in the market which is called 3D full coverage tempered glass. It can perfectly

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