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Do you know the harm of poor quality car charger?

The use of car chargers is very common in life, as long as a car owner will definitely have one or two car chargers. With the increasing demand for the car charger market, the quality of the products is also uneven. Many people not only do not understand the quality of the car charger, but also do not know how

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Do you know if the car charger is used improperly, it will hurt the car battery and phone battery?

With the popularity of the car, the time spent by the drivers in the car is getting longer and longer. If you look closely, more than 90% of the owners have almost all car chargers, so that when the phone or ipad is out of power, it will be charged in time. In addition, on-board electrical appliances such as driving

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How to choose a mobile car charger

Car phone charger has always been one of the must-have items for car owners. Especially after the smartphone represented by iPhone in 2009, due to the technical bottleneck of the battery itself, the full use of fully charged mobile phones may not last for a long time. The role of the car charger is immediately reflected.


Car charger in the use of several major Misunderstanding

In the background of the modern, the car is already a popular means of transport. Becau the car market becomes bigger and bigger, Car accessories also are slowly mature. So car charger is necessary to a car owner, but for most of them, they don’t understand well how to use car charger. Finally, Focuses Summed up the following few most

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