These charging behaviors are dangerous and must be noted

1. Do not mix the charger. First of all, the plug should be used in the original, because the plug is not the same, the power is not the same, use a high-power plug to charge the low power, although the speed is fast, but it will damage the battery. The data cable is also the same, it is best to use the original data cable, otherwise there are security risks. This is what many friends feel does not matter, just start looking for the root data cable to start charging, this is a wrong approach, there is a big security risk.

2. Do not charge for a long time. Long-term charging, first is easy to age the battery and charger, and second, there may be battery overheating and cause some unnecessary accidents.

3. Do not put the charging phone on the bed or too close to people. It is a habit of many people to put a rechargeable mobile phone on the bed. This kind of habit is very likely to cause casualties due to leakage or overheating of the mobile phone. It is an unacceptable habit of coveting convenience.

4. Do not use your mobile phone while charging. Many people like to play games and watch TV while charging. This is not only a big safety hazard, but also makes the phone hot. At this time, it is necessary to stop the operation as soon as possible, and most of them will overheat before the explosion. If you do not stop the operation in time, it is very likely that an explosion will occur. It also causes the body to receive more radiation, so it is not recommended to use the phone while charging.

5. Do not plug the charger into the socket for a long time. Many office workers are used to plugging the charger into the socket for a long time. It is really convenient, but there are certain hidden dangers, which can easily cause the circuit to age and cause fire.

6. Do not use your mobile phone or operate the charger while taking a bath or when your hands are wet. As is well known, water is energized. If you use your mobile phone or charger in a shower or in a wet state, it is very likely to cause electric leakage or electric shock.

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