These charging habits can affect the life of your phone and battery

We all know the importance of mobile phones in life, but there are still many people who don’t know how to maintain, or use them correctly. 90% of people do not know that some small habits in life are not good for mobile phones or batteries, which will affect their service life.

Here are some charging habits that will affect the life of your phone and battery:

  1. The new mobile phone is discharged several times during charging
    This kind of statement is actually quite practical for old-fashioned mobile phones. The previous mobile phone batteries were basically nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries. These batteries have a memory effect and are activated several times in the initial stage to activate the battery. However, today’s smart phones are basically equipped with lithium batteries. Lithium batteries basically have no memory effect and do not need to be activated. Therefore, multiple charging and discharging are unnecessary.
  2. The battery is charged when it is exhausted
    In daily life, we often hear the words “run out the power and then rush”. In fact, this is wrong. If this is the case, the lithium battery will be in an over-discharge situation, and the internal voltage of the battery is relatively low, resulting in failure to boot. And normal charging, so when the phone’s power drops to less than 20%, it should be charged.
  3. Long-term use of power bank
    Although many power banks can provide more than 1A current, power bank is not a power supply after all, and it cannot guarantee the continuous stable output of voltage/current. In addition, the power bank itself will generate a certain amount of heat when charging the mobile phone, so it is not recommended to use the power bank for charging the mobile phone for a long time.
  4. Use the charging cable casually
    Many people will have a charge to find a charger, or when the data cable is lost, just buy a piece of the Internet, most people think that as long as the plug is suitable, in fact, if you use a non-original charger or universal charger, Since the design of the internal circuit of the charger may be different from the original charging, this will cause a change in the charging parameters such as the charging voltage, which is not conducive to maintaining the life of the mobile phone battery.

These charging habits will affect the life of your phone and battery. Do you believe it? Of course, I believe that friends who have these bad habits will definitely have a deep understanding after reading this article! Is your mobile phone getting faster and faster, and the power consumption is extremely fast? If it is, then it must be affected by these bad habits, and quickly change these little habits that do not agree!

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