What is the processing of Apple 3D Full Covered Tempered Glass Screen

Simply, 3D is the meaning of three-dimensional, 3D tempered glass screen is a three-dimensional tempered glass. Let us briefly introduce the origin of 3D tempered glass screen.

The iPhone 6 went on sale in September 2014, using a 2.5D screen. At the same time, in March 2015, Samsung released the s6 edge of the hyperbolic screen. The two kings of the mobile phone market, Apple and Samsung, each updated their screens. Since then, various mobile phone protective film manufacturers have started a new round of mobile phone tempering film upgrade in order to completely match the new screen.

The mobile phone protective film market began to upgrade from 2D and 2.5D to 3D.

Note: The tempered film market has experienced 2D, 2.5D, 3D upgrades. This figure shows the shape of the three films.

In the method of producing 3D tempered glass screen, it is mainly divided into two categories, one is all-glass 3D, the whole film is glass; the other is 3D (carbon fiber 3D, alloy 3D) splicing other materials through glass. Of course, the splicing class 3D is still very different from the all-glass. After all, the screen of the phone itself is all-glass. So we mainly talk about 3D all glass.

There are four main processing types of Apple 3D tempered glass screen.
The first type, the hot bending process, the hot bending process is to bend the film with a hot bending machine.
The second type, the cold carving process, the cold carving process is to directly engrave with cnc, hollowing out the plane glass. The outside is curved.
The third type, the etching process, the etching process is to first decay with a chemical liquid (hydrofluoric acid) to form a groove into the planar tempered film, and then use cnc to sculpt.
The fourth type, the dispensing process, the dispensing process is directly dripping onto the edge of the flat glass with glue, and the dispensing process is also called false 3D.

These four processes, the hot bending process is the most productive, and can do a large arc (Samsung mobile phone curved film must be produced by the hot bending process.), the disadvantage is that the stability is relatively low, but relatively cheap. The production efficiency of the cold carving process is relatively low, there is no obvious soft threat, and the quality and price are high and low. The production efficiency of the etching process is higher than that of the cold sculpture. There is a small disadvantage that there is an etching line. The advantage is that the exhaust gas is better than the cold carving. The etching process is generally a high-end product. The dispensing process is a new process that has only been produced in 17 years. It only matured in the first half of the 18th year. The appearance is relatively poor, but the exhaust is the fastest of the four, and the price is similar to that of the hot bending.

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