What you need to know about mobile phone charging security

The rumor that “there will be a strong current when charging” is not true. The mobile phone will have a large transmission power when it is connected, but it has no special impact on the safety of electricity.
There have been reports on the news of electric shock and explosion of mobile phones. The safety of mobile phone power has become one of the focuses of people’s attention. However, there are some inaccuracies and misunderstandings in many online rumors. Here are some mobile phones. Electrical safety knowledge.
1. A variety of conditions are met at the same time to get an electric shock:
In general, when an electric shock occurs while charging a mobile phone, it is necessary to satisfy multiple conditions at the same time. First, the charger leaks, and the dangerous voltage is led to the 5V ground of the mobile phone power supply. Second, the mobile phone has a metal coating or a metal edge, and the metal edge is connected to the ground. Third, the human body touches the metal edge, and the rest of the body is grounded to form a ground loop. Fourth, the home leakage protector failed, or not at all. Fifth, when there is a risk of electric shock, no one in the vicinity rescues and powers off in time.
The rumor that “there will be a strong current when charging” is not true. The mobile phone will have a large transmission power when it is connected, but it has no special impact on the safety of electricity. According to the technical standards and the control of the enterprise specifications, the mobile phone and the charger should be safe when used together. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem in answering the phone when charging.
Even when charging, the wet hand picks up the phone, and normally does not cause an electric shock. Because the charger conforming to the 3C standard has been subjected to the humidity test, the humid environment is up to 93%, and then the high-voltage experiment is carried out immediately. The input end of the charger and the input end and the input end are subjected to a high-voltage experiment of 3000V, thereby ensuring the primary and secondary. Between the isolation, the high voltage will not be output to the mobile phone.
According to the WD/T1591 standard, the no-load current consumption of the charger is no more than 150 mA, so if you buy a regular, large-brand charger, even if it is plugged into the socket for a long time, it will not cause danger, but it will not save energy. . However, experts pointed out that the market is full of inferior chargers, which can not meet the safety requirements and are prone to danger. Therefore, remind users not to buy a charger that is too cheap, and look for the safety sign on the charger.

2. How is the phone explosion caused:
The so-called “mobile phone explosion” is actually caused by the battery. If there is a quality problem in the battery, the battery will be short-circuited internally, and the electrolyte gasification will cause the battery to explode.
Cell phone battery explosion has nothing to do with long-term charging. In the battery safety test experiment, charging is continued for 7 hours under full charge, and the output voltage is increased. Since the battery itself has a protection circuit, there is no danger of explosion.
The explosion of the mobile phone battery does not matter if it is mixed with the mobile phone charger. At present, mobile phone chargers use international standards (as long as they are qualified products), the danger is not who is swapping with whom, but the leakage does not leak. In addition, the iPad charger with a current output of 2.1A can fully charge the iPhone and other devices.
Some regular battery manufacturers will install a directional relief valve on the battery as the last step of protection. In case of danger, the gas generated by electrolyte gasification can be vented to prevent explosion.

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