Why do iPhone USB data cable damage so easily? Maybe you can’t use it

What is the most vulnerable accessory for iPhone? it may be the data cable. There are a lot of Apple users who report that their iPhone data cables are easy to damage and they need to be replaced several times a year.

As can be seen from the above pictures, the damage of the data cable is generally at the position of the connector. So, the question is, why is the connector position of the iPhone data cable vulnerable to damage?

To understand the cause of the damage, first we need to understand the internal structure of the iPhone data cable. In order to ensure the safety of the iPhone during charging, Apple added aluminum foil to the data cable for insulation treatment. At the same time, in order to increase the service life of the data cable, Apple added a metal mesh around the wire, in this way, strengthen the use toughness of the data cable.

For example, the inside of the iPhone data cable is divided into an aluminum foil shielding layer, a metal shielding layer, an international four-color line, and a strong tensile protection line.

The key point here is the metal mesh. The internal metal mesh of the iPhone cable extends all the way to the protective rubber ring of the data cable connector. These two locations are marked in the figure below:

Since the four wires inside the data cable are connected at different positions of the data cable connector, at the joint position, when the wires are separated, the metal mesh has no way to wrap the wire. We usually use mobile phones to charge. When plugging and unplugging the data cable, the data cable body is usually pulled directly. The number of times is too high. The position of the data cable connector rubber ring will produce a bulge bag, which will then split. The USB head also uses the same design, but the USB end is not easy to damage, because the USB head is usually plugged into the charger, and the number of plugs is usually not many, so the USB head does not break easily.

We understand the reason for the damage of the iPhone data cable, then, how should we avoid it?

When plugging and unplugging the data cable, we should try to avoid pulling the wire of the data cable, but should pull the position of the wire. In addition to developing good habits, if you are not too troublesome or you are a very careful person, you can also give the data cable more protection. For example:

Therefore, instead of complaining about why your data cable is easy to break, it is better to take the initiative to find and solve problems.

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