Why does Apple want to add Mfi certification to the USB data cable

As we all know, the charging port of Apple iPhone is now Lightning, which makes people feel convenient, and can recharge in front and back, without worrying that at the night usb data cable can not be inserted.

On September 12, 2012, Apple released a new Lightning Dock interface at the San Francisco Grassland Convention Center in the United States. The release of the new interface standard means that the 30-pin Dock interface, which has been in use for nine years, has been officially replaced.

The 8-pin Lightning interface has a mystery that hides a chip (MFi) inside it and blocks a large number of unauthorized accessories. Only by joining the MFi project, Apple is authorized to purchase this chip for peripheral production. If there is no MFi-certified data cable, it will continue to pop up the window after a period of use. Charging with such a data cable will damage the mobile phone battery.

MFi, the beginning is “Made For iPod”, with the launch of the iPhone and iPad, MFi has also become the “Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad”.

Apple has clear and mandatory requirements for all authorized distributors. For Apple’s functional accessories, it is necessary to sell certified and authorized branded accessories. Otherwise, the use of products without authorized accessories may cause damage to Apple products. Apple Inc. No warranty will be given. The use of MFi-certified data cable is always a guarantee for users.

Although MFi certification is a guarantee of quality, it is also aimed at users and manufacturers. The Lightning data cable is not a simple line. It should be called a connector. Because of the built-in 4 chips, the chip includes the Apple-certified key chip. This chip and the phone’s power management IC are common to form a complete charging solution. The built-in program will be paired when connecting to an Apple device such as an iPhone. If the phone detects that the user is using a non-original line, it will disconnect the charging and data transmission. The phone will also prompt the user that the data cable is not being used.

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