Why does iPhone always use the lighting data cable instead of the Type-C data cable

iPhone has always been a very special presence in the field of smartphones. Some friends may find a problem, many other mobile phone manufacturers will deliberately imitate the latest iPhone, but after so many years, why is the charging interface never been imitated?

We all know that there are basically two types of charging interfaces used in Android phones, one is Micro USB interface, the other is a new generation of Type-C interface, and the iPhone has always adopted the lighting interface. So why? Let us talk about the reason today.

The Micro USB interface is an interface common to Android phones before 2016, and in 2016, Type-C began to enter the stage, first applied to the flagship machines of major Android phone manufacturers, and now, low-end models Also began to gradually adopt the Type-C interface. What advantages does the Type-C interface have over the older Micro USB interface? Generally speaking in two aspects. The first is the experience that is closely related to the user. The Type-C interface can be inserted or reversed, but the old interface does not work, which greatly improves the user experience in the dark environment. Second, the Type-C interface allows for faster charging rates. Because the Type-C interface uses more pins, it can withstand higher voltages during charging and achieve faster rate charging.

What advantage does Apple’s lighting interface have for Apple to stick to? In fact, compared to the previous Micro USB interface, the advantage is very obvious, that is, the above Type-C is better than the two aspects of Micro USB. But nowadays, Type-C also implements positive and negative plug-in charging, and the charging rate also exceeds lighting.

Why doesn’t Apple use Type-C interface? Those who have used Apple may know that there is actually a secret to this. Apple built a chip in the lighting interface, this chip is Apple certified, and when iPhone is charging, it will first authenticate the chip, only the data cable built into the chip can charge the iPhone. Apple’s official lighting data cable is very expensive to sell, many small partners who want to replace the data cable will go to the third-party parts factory to replace, and the lighting data cable produced by the third-party parts factory must have built-in authentication chip to be the iPhone. It is necessary to pay a lot of money to Apple. So as long as Apple insists on using the lighting interface and built-in authentication chip, the cost of this authentication chip will continue to be handed over to Apple.

Therefore, Apple has always insisted on the lighting interface, why should give up this opportunity to use the non-profitable Type-C interface?

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