Why does the mobile phone data cable become harder after a long time?

You may find that once the mobile phone data cable is used for a long time, it will become hard, yellow, and easy to break. What is the reason for this situation?

The reason is: aging of plastic materials caused by oxidation, grease corrosion, etc. The outer protective layer of the usb data cable is mostly rubber products. The rubber product itself will change due to the difference in temperature, but the state after this change is not long-lasting, and generally it will return to normal as the temperature returns to normal. For a thin layer of rubber on the usb data cable, if it is oxidized and corroded, it will harden to a certain extent and will not recover.

So how should the usb data cable be protected?
1, Try to avoid using it in high temperature and low temperature environment, which can delay aging to some extent;
2, Do ​​not wrap the data cable on your hand, sweat will corrode the cable, causing the cable to become hard until it is disconnected;
3, Do not touch acid, alkali liquids, especially sweat, including beverages;
4, Do not have severe temperature differences;
5, Do not wrap the usb data cable around the machine too tightly;
6, When the mobile phone data cable is not in use, it should be placed in a place away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dry and ventilated place.

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