Why is the original mobile phone data cable basically using TPE material

Mobile phone data cable is a frequent intimate contact in our daily life, but everyone may not pay much attention to the material of the mobile phone data cable. If the inferior data cable is used, it will not only lead to prolonged charging time, but also a hidden danger for our safety and health. . Look at the current data cable market, generally using PVC material or TPE material, the majority of mainstream materials are mainly PVC, because the wire material is relatively cheap, the price of TPE material is slightly more expensive, the general original mobile phone data cable and The medium and high-end mobile phone data cables will be made of TPE material.

So why is the original mobile phone data cable basically using TPE material?
TPE material data cable is safe, non-toxic and stable. Compared with PVC material, TPE is better. TPE thermoplastic elastomer material has excellent data processing performance, convenient to match various beautiful colors, and easy to process. Scrub or delicate effect, make the hand feel smooth and not sticky. The material is safe and non-toxic, smells no odor, and does not cause any irritation to human skin. This is why the original mobile phone data cable is made of TPE material.
Not only that, the data cable performance of TPE material is stable, the flame retardant aspect reaches V0 level, the reliability of safety and environmental protection, so it is not difficult to understand that the large manufacturers in the mobile phone field such as Apple and Samsung produce. The data cables are all made of TPE elastomer materials. In China, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and health, some domestic data cable manufacturers have begun to select TPE materials as the outer material of the data cables. The same TPE material as the original Apple data cable, it is foreseeable that more and more companies will turn to TPE materials in the future.

After reading the above introduction, you can clearly understand why the original data cable of the mobile phone is basically made of TPE material.

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