Why phones use 2.5D tempered glass

These days, it is quite common to come across the term 2.5D glass display as many tech companies are using the same on their smart devices.

Today, most smartphones are adorned with such 2.5D glass displays raising many questions in the minds of many on what exactly the term means, how is it different from the traditional display on phones, what makes it beneficial, etc. To make it clear, we at GizBot, have taken the step to make it clear to our readers by shedding more light on the technology behind the 2.5D glass display.

2.5D is a term used for glass displays that feature a slight curvature at the edges known as contoured edges. Remember that the curved edges might not be noticeable from afar, but you can see and feel the difference when you hold a phone bestowed with 2.5D glass in your hand. Don’t confuse the 2.5D glass display with a curved display. Such a display cannot be bent or curved but will feature a slight curvature at the edges.

Notably, there is nothing special when it comes to the way the 2.5D glass displays are designed or built. The reason is that the actual electronic display components are not curved as in the case of a flexible display. The 2.5D glass is made similar to a straight glass panel. However, there are some additional shaping process involved in the manufacturing. The individual glass pieces are cut from a larger sheet based on the smartphone’s requirement with the help of an additional processor layer to trim and smoothen the edges of the glass. It is relative more expensive but can render premium looks to the device.

The first and foremost benefit is that the 2.5D glass is purely aesthetic and ergonomic. Especially, it is important on smartphones as users will touch and swipe on the screen and it should be smooth.

The other advantage is that in the curved glass edge smartphones, the 2.5D glass will look better than just raising the bezel above the display edge. It also ensures that the glass fits nicely against the phone’s body. When it comes to toughness and scratch resistance, the manufacturing technique determines the properties. The toughness will vary based on the manufacturing process. The 2.5D glass displays are not tougher or weaker than the normal flat glass displays. The only difference can be seen at the very edge of the display.

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