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How many types of mobile phone tempered glass and what’s their differences

March 26, 2021

Latest company news about How many types of mobile phone tempered glass and what’s their differences

With the fiery market of smart phones, the market for mobile phone tempered glass protector has quietly developed along with mobile phones. It is not new to attach a tempered glass to a mobile phone. Basically, after buying a new mobile phone, the mobile phone is not delivered, and the tempered glass will arrive first. There are many kinds of mobile phone tempered glasss. Let’s take a look at these popular tempered glasses.

Top-quality tempered glass construction means resistance against scratches that can make your screen protector look dull and worn. The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints and smudges away for a clear view of your phone’s screen!Its slim profile protects your screen without adding bulk or keeping your case from fitting improperly. It also allows excellent touch screen sensitivity and lets your phone’s shine through with captivating clarity!

The 3D Full Covered Tempered Glass is hot-bending on the side of the tempered glass. Compared with the 2.5D tempered glass, it is technically more demanding, not only retaining wear resistance, hydrophobic oleophobicity, high-definition high-transparency, simple disassembly and other aspects. The excellent ability, at the same time, the use of 3D hot press forming technology in the edge wrapping, so that the glass can fully wrap the screen of the mobile phone, so as to protect and beautiful.


The Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass is developed based on reducing the damage of blue light to humans. Compared with the emerging screen protection glass on the market, the anti-blue light protection glass has the functions of explosion-proof, fingerprint elimination, scratch-proof, sterilization, etc., and its most distinctive function is blue light blocking. By absorbing and transforming blue light emitted from light sources such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, and LED lights, the anti-blue light protection glass can greatly reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes and control the deepening of myopia; in addition to preventing myopia, the blue protective glass also passes ultraviolet rays. Absorption and transformation, to prevent dry skin caused by UV reflection caused by skin spots, chloasma and other problems.


The mobile phone is always around us almost every moment, and some small secrets in the mobile phone are not intended to be seen by outsiders. But usually playing outside the phone, others can see the contents of the phone with a light click, it is very unpleasant. At this time, the appearance of a tempered glass that prevents voyeurism will solve this problem for you. The highlight of this tempered glass is to prevent voyeurism and protect your privacy. By utilizing the principle of light refraction and imaging, the mobile phone screen can only be seen at a 90-degree frontal view. Under the front view angle, the mobile phone screen cannot be seen at a angle of less than 30 degrees. The smaller the brightness, the less visible it is, and the effective protection of you. The privacy allows you to no longer have to worry about someone voyeur when playing mobile phones.

Silk screen tempered glass is a synthetic tempered glass made of straight tempered glass at the edge with plastic or other aluminum alloy, which can prevent the edge of the tempered glass from being damaged. However, the disadvantage is that it cannot be bent, and the whole is a straight effect, but The color can be colorful. The silk screen tempered glass is characterized by self-adhesive, high-quality anti-static adsorption glass, which makes the product easy to fit and disassemble, easy to operate, will automatically absorb the fit screen, and can also be repeatedly fitted.


Because the surface of the matte tempered glass is rough, it is not easy to leave fingerprints, so it is favored by some users. However, the matte glass is far less transparent than the high clear tempered glass and will reduce the brightness of the screen. Especially in the sun, even if the brightness of the screen is adjusted to the brightest, it is not always possible to see the contents. In the dark environment, many times the phone automatically adjusts the screen brightness to a minimum. In this case, since the matte glass has poor light transmittance, once the brightness of the screen becomes low, the contents are also invisible. Therefore, the use of a matte glass for a long time will definitely cause eye fatigue.

In summary, you should have a general understanding of the difference between these tempered glass, you can purchase the corresponding tempered glass according to your actual needs.

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