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What are the phones without chargers?

November 10, 2022

Latest company news about What are the phones without chargers?

At Apple's September 2020 launch event, the company dropped the Wufu-an charger that came with the Apple Watch S6 in the name of environmental protection. Following the Apple press conference in October, Apple cancelled the charger that came with the iPhone 12 series for the same reason. This pioneering move has attracted many manufacturers to follow suit. All major manufacturers not only show their enthusiasm for environmental protection for various reasons, but also find ways to reduce the thickness of the phone packaging. And marketed charger kits with individual packaging to consumers.



Apple, which has released nine models so far, has been the first to do away with chargers, and has been the most determined to do away with chargers across its iPhone lineup, from the iPhone 12 series to the iPhone 13 series to the latest iPhone SE 3rd generation.


So far, Huawei has launched 13 models without chargers. In the early days, Huawei tried to launch chargerless versions on Mate 40 series, Mate X2, nova8 and other products due to the influence of chip shortage and external sanctions, and lowered the prices appropriately. After testing the waters successfully, Huawei also began phasing out chargers across its product line.


So far, Meizu has released 5 models that have eliminated chargers. Since the release of Meizu 18, when the random charger was canceled, every mobile phone product released by Meizu has joined the ranks of environmental protection.


Samsung has released eight models that cancel chargers, all of which are flagship products. Although Samsung's flagship phones have low charging power, they have the best compatibility with public protocols. From S9 to S22, Samsung's flagship models of all ages can use PD, PPS and other public protocols to charge at full speed.


Xiaomi has released eight models so far that do away with the charger. As a close second to Apple, Xiaomi has taken the radical step of removing the charger from the entire Mi 11 model, but also offered a version with a charger kit as an option. This somewhat unnecessary move didn't seem to get a positive response from the market, so Xiaomi put the charger back in the box for the two flagship models of the 12 series, and continued its aggressive strategy with the 12X.

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