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What is the difference between a usb data cable and a charging cable

March 2, 2021

Latest company news about What is the difference between a usb data cable and a charging cable

When we buy a mobile phone, there will be a data cable as standard, and the data cable can be used as a charging cable. As we all know, most of the time we think that the charging cable is the data cable, but it is not.

So, what is the difference between the usb data cable and the charging cable of the mobile phone?


Because the charging cable and the data cable of the mobile phone are basically the same in appearance, this is often the case. Sometimes we buy a cable in a phone repair shop to connect the mobile phone to the computer, but it is impossible to connect to the computer regardless of the operation. Why?

In fact, the reason is: the data cable and the charging cable are both USB interfaces, generally there are four wires, but the charging cable uses the two lines VCC and GND of the power supply, and the data cable uses VCC. , GND and two communication lines.

The role of the four wires of the USB data cable:
Red line: positive power supply (marked on the wiring: +5V or VCC)
White line: Negative voltage data line (identified as: Data- or USB Port -)
Green line: positive voltage data line (identified as: Data+ or USB Port +)
Black line: Ground (identified as: GROUND or GND).

Of course, the color of the wire can only be seen when the data cable or the outer layer of the charging wire is peeled off.

The data cable has four lines in the USB interface, and the power line has only two lines in the USB line. Therefore, the mobile phone data cable can be used as a power cable , but the power cable cannot be used as a data cable . Because in order to save costs, basically the charging cable eliminates the two lines in the middle, that is, the read data cable and the write data cable (green line and white line) are omitted, which means that there is no data reading and writing capability, only Can charge.

This is also why the data cable can be charged, and the charging cable does not necessarily work as a data cable .

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